About Mick

From an early age, Mick had an avid interest in Eastern philosophy and psychology as an attempt to make sense of the world. He grew up watching his mother struggling with the affliction of Multiple Sclerosis, from which she died aged 49. His own discovery of Tai Chi, Shiatsu, Chinese Medicine and energy healing in his early 20s gave him the conviction that there could have been relief from that health struggle.

For many years, Mick taught Tai Chi for a living – but found his own struggle in making ends meet. It always seemed a joke that a Tai Chi teacher should be stressed, but that was the reality. Learning NLP seemed a natural step to try to find new ways of thinking that could help improve circumstances. He trained to Master Practitioner level and also trained in specific health applications of NLP. Always there was the fascination with how the mind, body and spirit are inseparable.

At the end of 2001 Mick was diagnosed with a single sclerosis which causes symptoms of muscular fatigue, loss of balance and difficulties walking – in short, mild MS. This has had a major impact on the direction of Mick’s life. He had to give up teaching Tai Chi, and subsequently stop working on the computer as a web designer due to brain fatigue. The ‘silver lining’, however, is that the health challenge drew him initially to a very effective type of healing Qigong, and then to train as an NLP Life Coach in 2010.

Coaching led to the discovery of the Three Principles in 2012. This changed everything. It became clear to Mick that struggle can only come from one place – from within, rather than from the circumstances outside. He no longer felt at the mercy of his own health condition and realised that the experience of wellbeing has nothing to do with the random fluctuations of any symptoms. Mick’s sense of the future now looks open and hopeful – and the health challenge is seen more and more with curiosity, as a sort of ‘mind laboratory’ rather than a problem.

From this range of experience, Mick wants to share his understanding and help others see their own potential for wellbeing – a healing in the biggest sense of the word. He loves to help others see possibility where it appears there is none.

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