“…it’s been a week since our meeting, and I wanted to be sure that what happened after our session was going to last. On Wednesday afternoon I was reading ‘The Relationship Handbook’, and quite suddenly I had a ‘transformative moment’. I felt a sense of peace, a warm feeling in the pit of my stomach, and I saw (and heard) an image of myself in full judgemental mode. The image began to shrink, and it got smaller and smaller until it vanished altogether. Instantly my mind quietened.

Since then I have found my mood has been mostly high, I have felt, and been behaving, effortlessly kind and loving towards my husband, and life has been great. We are talking more, spending more time together and laughing a lot. I’ve also had quite a few insights.

So I want to thank you very much for moving my focus back to The Three Principles, and I am absolutely sure that our conversation had a great deal to do with my shift in consciousness.

I am deeply grateful to you; your wisdom and skills have been so helpful to me.”
Sue W.

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